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Multilingual Science Fiction

Multilingual Science Fiction is an interdisciplinary project based at St Andrews Centre for Exoplanet Science, University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK. The project brings together translators, researchers and creative practitioners for the exchange of inspiring literary texts about exoplanets and first encounters from a range of cultures and languages: Bulgarian, German, Malay, Catalan, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, and Slovak. The diversity and multilingualism of these texts reflect different space imaginaries and storytelling practices about extraterrestrial worlds. This website provides glimpses into the many conversations we have had about what is changed and found in translation, about science in sci-fi and fiction in science, about speculation and imagination. 

Since science fiction is a lot about world-building, we decided to approach the presentation of this project as a universe of its own. This has been made possible because of the otherworldly music of Hannah Koegler, images by Darya Tsymbalyuk, as well as the website design by Sam Blair. We structured this place as a journey, and like every journey it will take you on an adventure, and it will be playful, surprising, and not-linear. 

We hope this project will inspire you to read (more) science fiction, to look beyond the authors present at your local bookstore and to discover extraterrestrial worlds through different languages of the many worlds that exist on this planet.  



Funded by Entrepreneurial Education Funding at the University of St Andrews  

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